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twin wall chimney installers essex

Twin wall chimney system is a double skinned pipe that is made out of stainless steel. In between the two skins there is a 50mm piece of insulated fire blanket, which prevents the external part of the pipe from heating up and keeps the internal pipe hot. This helps smoke to rise and reduces the chance of condensation & creosote build-up.

Twin wall chimney system gives you the freedom to have your stove in the position of the room that you want. It’s a no hassle way of constructing a chimney and it can be easily removed, leaving no trace behind.

It’s perfect for internal installations as it can go through floors and ceilings since only a 50mm air space is required.

Externally it can go up the side of the building and, being stainless steel, it will not degrade from the elements, we also use it in thatched properties.

It comes in a range of colours to make it a perfect addition to any dwelling. The most popular colour is silver or black (the black has a matt internal and a satin external finish).

thatch wood burners installation essex

We are specialists in installing stoves in period & thatched properties and have a complete understanding and respect for grade 1 & 2 listed buildings, using only period building methods and materials.

Working in thatched properties particularly requires additional knowledge and expertise and our customers can be secure that we can give them that added value.

Read the additional information we have for thatched property owners here.